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Right Handed Batsman, Right Handed Medium Pace


“Live cricket, dream cricket, one of my passions in life. I grew up playing cricket in Pakistan and had my backward with just enough space for a cricket wicket. I was the kids with the tap ball, bat, and wickets ready for my high school friends. played cricket early in the morning, then at lunch, and most day after school, then of course in my backyard, daily, with kids from the neighborhood or just with the wall : )

I’m a pace bowling all-rounder, played in various leagues in NY: Common wealth league, Eastern American league, Long Island Premier League, Florida Cricket Conference, World series league and among other friendly clubs in NJ: Amwell Valley Cricket Club, Philadelphia Cricket Club, Merion Cricket Club, Germantown Cricket Club to name a few.

Playing cricket since I can remember, but yet still learning and growing as the level of cricket grows in USA. i have yet to hit my first 100 with the bat, but i can recal few decinet 50s, to match my natrual love of bowling pace and having the batter thinking and defending on the backfoot. I have experience in peforming sucefuflly in few game wining moments with the ball and the bat. I have few MVPs to be proud of, including my first fifer in the summer 2021 at my home club Amwell Valley Cricket Club.
The most alive I feel is when I’m playing good cricket with some friends.”