ind India
usa United States
Middle Order, Power Hitting, Right Handed Batsman, Right Handed Off Spinner
Current Team
Maryland Mavericks


I am essential a middle order batsman specialising in finish games both while setting up targets and chasing targets with averaging over 32 and strike rate over 160 in T20s. Reading the situation and adjusting my game is one of my major strength. Playing with the tail when needed has been my speciality. Have been captian of Pittpunters Cricket club which ended up winning the Pittsburgh championship in 2018 and have been part of the club since 2015 which won championship in 2015,2018,2021. Apart from this I was most successful captain of my undergraduate team which won 3 tournaments under my leadership (nationals and state tournaments). I also led Carnegie Mellon University from 2014 to 2016. Lastly I am 100% a team player and always ready to do what the team needs me to do.