usa United States
Middle Order, Power Hitting, Right Handed Batsman, Right Handed Medium Pace


“I started playing cricket in 1985, in my fifth grade, after our world cup win following Kapil Dev as my icon.
Played School level cricket in various forms using a variety of balls ranging from rubber balls, cork balls and regular cricket balls.
Represented CCPLM Anglo Indian High School as the primary fast bowling all-rounder during 1989-1991.
Represented Sacred Heart College as fast bowling all-rounder during 1991-1993. (Hit a 36 ball century during this time.)
Attempted Kerala Ranji junior team during 1992-1993 season and was unsuccessful. 😭 I used to bowl at the nets for Kerala Ranji players such as Feroze Rashid and Ajay Kuduva during this time, and they were generally impressed with me. But couldn’t continue pursuing cricket since Engineering got in the way.
Came to US in 2000 and has been playing mostly hard tennis ball cricket. I turned into a big hitting batsman during this time and have enjoyed success and name recognition in the hard tennis cricket circles.I have a few best batsman trophies from tournaments to back up my claims..
Last few years I’ve playing some leather ball cricket and enjoyed reasonable success, with a few 50+ scores against my name.
I’m in very good shape fitness wise for a 45 year old (with a six pack to boot.. 😎 ) I would like to explore the USPL and see whether I can fit in and hope to make some contributions enjoying some serious cricket.”