ind India
Power Hitting, Right Handed Batsman, Right Handed Medium Pace


A passionate cricketer with excellent all-rounder skills.
Played actively in school and college cricket teams. Led the Wipro Kochi India cricket team two times and was the runner-up in the Infopark Kochi inter-company cricket tournament (Approximately 50 companies).
Also selected as one of the top 15 players for the Infopark Kochi India cricket team.
Since 2017 actively participating in multiple cricket tournaments within the US.

  • Part of runners-up team in the 2017 NWA cricket tournament.
  • Participated in Little Rock Premier League in 2017 and 2018
  • Part of Winning Team in the 2019 Cricket for America tournament.
  • Captained 2021 NWA T16 cricket tournament (Winners) and 2021 NWA T10 cricket tournament (First runners p)
  • Part of TSCL(Tristate KS, OK, AR) cricket tournament and selected as MoM five times, including semi-final and finals.
  • Leading one of the T20/T16/T10 cricket teams in Bentonville, Arkansas.
  • Also contributing towards cricket training for kids in Bentonville, Arkansas.