Carolina Eagles

Owners Profile

Shiv Cheema

Shiv was born and brought up in India. He has 20+ year experience in Healthcare in USA and currently works in Nuclear Medicine with Garnet Health Medical Center. He attended NY Presbyterian Medical Center and Mount Sinai Health System to gain his initial experience. Shiv also has Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Vladimir State Technical University. Shiv comes from a sports family where his father played for a National Hockey Team, his wife was a college basketball player, and his daughter is a Varsity player for Lacross, Cross County and Track and himself played Cricket, Table Tennis, and soccer. He is avid fan of multiple sports, but his first love was always Cricket. He has followed the sport for most of his life and during his college tenure in Russia he had advocated the sports of Cricket there by organizing and participating in Cricket tournaments.

Shiv’s passion for the sport of Cricket and his desire for the sport to grow in USA has aspired him to come together with his friends to get involved with the USPL league as the owner of the Carolina Eagles. He wants to help spread the joy that cricket instills in millions of hearts and make Cricket a mainstream sport in USA.

Player Name Position
Gajanand Singh Captain
Rajdeep Singh Vice-Captain
Gauranshu Sharma
Sachin Seecharan
Iqwe Craig
Steven Katwaroo
Sion Hackett
Dexter Sween
Yasir Mohammad
Kesrick Williams
Shiva Sankar
Anderson Mahase
Aryan Singh
Ravish Khanchi
Kristopher Ramsaran